Penicuik Silver Band



Penicuik Silver Band, as we now know it, was founded in 1835 as a Reed Band when Sam Millar, a music teacher from Rosewell was engaged, and Tom Paterson was appointed as bandleader.


The first practice room was the old Free Gardeners' Lodge where the Emporium, part of the Co-operative Store, is now built.   Soon the band was taking part in the life of the community, playing at picnic parties, Gardeners' Walks, etc.   They must have looked smart in their white duck trousers, blue jacket and cap, with black glazed waist-belts.


A great misfortune was the death of their leader, Tom Paterson.   The band had been playing through the streets one afternoon and had turned up towards Kirkhill, nearing Pentland View, when Tom Paterson dropped dead.


The original Reed Band had been in existence for about 12 years when a move was made to change to brass.  Money was raised and a Committee was appointed to act as trustees to hold the instruments in trust for the Town.   Second-hand instruments were bought and a new team was employed.   David Young was appointed leader, and John Wood as teacher.


John Wood was a Yorkshire man, born in Leeds and was for 14 years Trumpet-Major in the 3rd Dragoon Guards.

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