Penicuik Silver Band



Following the resignation of Thomas Nevison, Mr. Steedman of Edinburgh was appointed bandmaster.   A difficulty arose because many of the bandsmen were working 12-hour shifts and, as a result, insufficient players were attending for rehearsals.   However, Andrew Wishart, the secretary, succeeded in substituting day-shift workers for night workers.   The re-organised Band of 1896 had a Mr Robert Stoddart as bandmaster.   Robert Stoddart had served with the regimental band of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders as well as other brass bands.


The combination of Robert Stoddart as bandmaster and Andrew Wishart as secretary proved to be a great success.   The years between 1895 and 1898 were years when great interest was shown in the band.   The band took part in local events and organised some of their own.   One outstanding event was a promenade concert held in the High Park on 11th September 1896 in which eight bands took part.   Of the concerts that were held it is of interest to note that among the artistes was Mr J Peebles Conn who in later years was to become the leader of the Scottish Orchestra.

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