Penicuik Silver Band



For a year the instruments lay unused.   To say that the Band was missed was putting it mildly.   People had listened to it, talked about it, sung with it, and danced to its music.   Now they wanted it again, and wanted it badly.   There was talk of reorganising the Band.   Councillor Thomson was asked to report to the Town Council upon a proposal to get things moving again.   As a result, the Band Committee of the Council consisting of Provost Wilson, Baillies Conn and Chisholm, and Councillor Thomson met former members of the Band on Monday, 1st April 1908.


The revised rules were read over before the instruments were handed out to the men who signified their willingness to conform to the new conditions.   They also unanimously agreed to give their heartiest support to George Purves, one of their number whom they had chosen as leader.   In all, about 20 instruments were available.   It was also reported that the Episcopal Church School had been granted for the use of the Band on very favourable terms.


Once again articles on the Band began to appear in the papers, such as reports that the “Town Band had a turn out through the principal streets”, or that “under Mr George Purves the Band played a number of selections in the High Street on Saturday evening.”


When the Band was suspended the instruments were almost useless.   Moves were made to raise £300 and buy new ones.   With aid from the Cooperative Society and from public donations, this was accomplished.


The new instruments were used for the first time in November 1910.   A march out on the Saturday and a programme of music in the High Street on the Sunday afternoon.   Even though the weather was unfavourable a large crowd turned out and Purves must have been a happy man as he conducted.

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