Penicuik Silver Band



With the war over there was a move to begin the Band again.   After three short-lived attempts to lead it by George Peden, Band-Sergeant Teviondale, and Peter Dempster, the committee appointed John Faulds as professional teacher.


John Faulds had a band in fourth place of the third section in 1908 and his name continued to appear in the prize list through many years.   In 1945 he had six bands in the first section, two in the third section and three in the fourth section - all were on the prize list.   Messrs Cowan & Sons paid his fees.   He was a hard task-master, and his work paid off when the Band took first prize in the fourth section in 1952.   However, John Faulds was ageing and there were no more prizes.   After the departure of John Faulds and his successor, Jim Main, the Band was kept going by devoted members such as John Kerr, Jack Forrest and Charlie Peebles who deserve special mention.


In 1965 Mr Cairns appeared on the scene.   He was a schoolmaster at Roslin with a great deal of enthusiasm.   He soon had the Band entering contests again.   But in 1969 failing health forced him to give up.

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