Penicuik Silver Band


13.  THE 1970s and 80s

Jack Frier, bandmaster of the T.A. Band and a tutor with Lothian Region Council coached the Band for the 1977 contest in section three.   Hopes were high but the Band fell away on the day of the contest.   Jack Frier had only been temporary and so the Band was without a bandmaster again.   After some weeks Fred Jones was appointed.   Following the 1977 contest, the Scottish Brass Band Association reset the sections and Penicuik was placed in the fourth section.


Fred Jones, a former playing member of the Silver Band, received his training at Kneller Hall, the army music training establishment.   Under his guidance it was not too long before the Band tasted success again.   In successive years 1980-82 they were third in the fourth section, fourth section champions and third in the third section, going on to the National Finals in London each year and acquitting themselves well in the face of tough competition.   However, as had so often happened, snags have cropped up.   A bid to obtain exclusive practice premises within a local school foundered on the rocks of finance, viz. local authority rates.   The management committee was reconstituted and, under the enthusiastic guidance of Band President Councillor J Hope, the storm was weathered.   Assistance was obtained from Midlothian District Council and financial help was given by the people of Penicuik themselves both in the business and the private sector.

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